I wanted to thank you again for your efforts in helping me find my new position.  Things are going great.  My new employer & staff have all been very helpful during this transition.  My wife and boys now enjoy having Dad home at a decent time every day.  I am also in the 9/80 plan so I get every other Friday off which is a super benefit.  I hope all continues to go great for you.  I will certainly recommend you to those I know who are seeking “the next level” in their career path.


Prosearch Licensee program prepares you to be a professional recruiter, and gives you the tools to be successful in the industry. Bob Johnson, and the Prosearch team take pride in training and teaching you the fundamentals of the Prosearch process. What makes the Prosearch licensee special is you can take what you learn, and apply the principals to real life recruiting scenarios.


I really enjoyed the world-class training that I received with ProSearch, LLC.  The guidance and ongoing support has truly been priceless. I look forward to a prosperous career as my knowledge and experience continue to grow.


Working with ProSearch was a delightful process, the training was fun and informative.  Bob is an excellent teacher and will assure your success.

M. GreenLicensee