Retained Search

The client retains ProSearch to dedicate an in-house resource to fill a specific position.  1/3 of the fee is due upon execution of the retainer, 1/3 when a short list of candidates is presented and the balance is paid upon placement.  This is very effective and reporting is simple.

Manage Vendor program

For clients that need to ramp-up quickly, meet strategic targets and recognize the benefits of outsourcing the Talent Pipelining process.  Pro Search will manage the entire process allowing the client to focus on core competencies.  Depending on the need, we can build a recruiting infrastructure from ground up, evaluate and/or enhance established methods to give a competitive advantage in today’s “race for talent”. The reporting is simple and turnkey solutions are available.

On-Site Staffing Program

Our fastest growing service!  Clients who realize the importance of building and maintaining their own pre-screened Talent Pipeline.  We’ll deploy one of our recruiters to the client’s site to work directly with the hiring manager(s).  Clients can minimize competition, increase quality of hires, reduce “interview-to-hire” ratio and significantly lower “cost of hire” vs. the traditional contingency search.  The reporting is simple and turnkey solutions are available.

Client Directed Search

Our client’s biggest cost saver!  The client engages our firm to approach targeted candidates they wish to employ.  We initiate contact,  pre-screen interested candidates and remain actively involved throughout the hiring process.

Contingency Search

The client gives us a mandate to talk to candidates on their behalf for a particular vacancy. We are not retained and the client may also use other recruitment firms and/or sources to try to fill the same vacancy. This is not a comprehensive search but candidates are pre-qualified and we remain actively involved throughout the hiring process.

Payroll Service 
ProSearch, LLC also provides assistance with personnel administration. Our payroll services division, allows you to outsource your employer tax administration, benefits management, payroll administration and claims administration.

We make it happen!
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